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My personal information

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1. Data Center and SDN:

----- Developers Community:
            Cisco Devnet home
            Cisco Devnet Community

----- Cisco UCS Director (UCSD):
            UCS Director home page
            UCS Director download
            UCS Director documentation

----- Cisco ACI: 
            ACI home page
            ACI documentation
            ACI at a glance
            ACI Fundamentals
            APIC REST API
            Opflex protocol

----- Relevant blogs:

---- DevOps:            

2. Cloud:

----- Cisco Prime Service Catalog (PSC):
            PSC home
            PSC download
            PSC documentation
            PSC training

----- Openstack:      
            Group Based Policy with OpenStack (2.58 mins – high level overview)
            Group-Based Policy - OpenStack Paris Summit Demo and presentation
            Group Based Policy Whitepaper  
              UCSO - Cisco UCS and Openstack
              Openstack-ACI plugin setup instructions

---- Kubernetes:
          nice illustrated guide: 

3. Demo:




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